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iNELS SmartHome LLC is a part of ELKO EP Holding, a company based in the Czech Republic. 
The mission of iNELS SmartHome LLC is the US distribution of and support for products developed and manufactured by Elko EP. 

ELKO EP is based in the Czech Republic and has manufactured electronic components for over 20 years. It prides itself on its own R&D and own production facility in the Czech Republic and is ISO 9001 certified. 
The range of products developed and manufactured by ELKO EP covers several lines of electronic components. 

One of them is a product line of modular electronic devices such as different types of relays, contactors, dimmers, thermostats, level switches, and power supplies. 
Product catalog of relays for the US market can be downloaded here.

Another major product line is home automation, a smart home system called iNELS. 
iNELS comes in two flavors - a wired version, called iNLES BUS System, and a wireless version, called iNELS RF Control.

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