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Smart Housing Association

The vision of "Smart Housing Association" is to bring together experts from the field of Intelligent Electro-installation, architecture, audio-video technology, air conditioning and heat recovery, household appliances, cameras, security systems, lighting, etc., who are interested in promoting and spreading the idea of smart living.
The common interest of members of the "Smart Housing Association” is to found an independent association that will participate in the research, promotion and education of smart houses and buildings, which can offer their users a healthier and more comfortable living and at the same time efficient and easy household management.

Custom Electronic Design and Association

CEDIA is an international trade organization for residential automation technology with more than 3,500 member companies worldwide. It is built on a strong foundation and provides access to cutting-edge education, certification, research and raising awareness among consumers.
It was founded in the USA in 1989 and now CEDIA is the world‘s leading authority in the field.

ElA association

ElA association deals with the association of electro technical enterprises with long tradition in our republic.

The Association's business and employer association, brings together legal and individual person from the electronic and electro technical industry,  medical technology, information services and other services with similar product orientation or business interests.

Members of ElA lobby for the enforcement of their requirements at the level of the State authorities and in the area of employers ' relationships. It maintains direct contacts with leaders of The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Economy of the Czech Republic.


Thread was designed with one goal in mind: to create the very best way to connect and control products in the home. 
Thread solves reliability, security, power, & compatibility issues for connecting products around the home. Once & for all. Thread Group has a straight forward organizational structure with three tiers of membership: Affiliate, Contributor, & Sponsor. They’re focused on making an impact in the market, rather than serving as a standards body that tries to solve all issues for all industries.


The Association is the owner of the   Worldwide STANDARD for Home and Building Control: KNX and also the owner of the KNX trademark logo worldwide. KNX Association is a non-profit-oriented organisation governed by Belgian Law. Members are manufacturers developing devices for several applications for home and building control based on KNX like lighting control, shutter control, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, energy management, metering, monitoring, alarm/intrusion systems, household appliances, audio/video and lots more. Next to manufacturers also service providers (utilities, telecom, ...) can become a member of the KNX Association.

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