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15.12.2016 | Time Relays - Remote Control

Switching element with 1 output channel is used to control appliances, sockets, lights… After sending the command (from the controller) the relays starts counting: Delayed OFF function - after sending the command  the...more >>


13.12.2016 | Integrated Systems Europe 2017

WORLD’S LARGEST AV AND SYSTEMS INTEGRATION INTEGRATED SYSTEMS EUROPE 07 - 10 February, 2017 / Amsterdam, Netherlands The Annual Show, i.e. ISE 2017, is scheduled to be held at RAI Amsterdam Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam,...more >>


02.12.2016 | Exhibition Hotel Show Athens & Seminar in the Victoria Hotel Malta

Exhibition of  Hotel Show Athens focused primarily on the hotel equipment. Where were introduced new glass units as holder and card reader GCH3-30, bedside panel GBP3-60 or panel with 10 buttons GSP3-100 for hotel...more >>


30.11.2016 | ELKO EP became a global exporter for year 2016

On 24th November 2016 Jiri Konecny recieved the global exporter award for year 2016 which represents the highest increase in export in new markets. The competition takes place for 19 years already organized by UniCredit group...more >>


25.11.2016 | Because of application LARA DIO is possible to control the radio in switch

LARA is extraordinary internet radio player which allows you listen to any radion in the world without annoying noises of typical FM tuners. Because of great designt of the swich is possible to use LARA in every room in your...more >>


25.11.2016 | New app iNELS RF Control

The application is connected by smart phone with smart box (eLAN-RF/eLAN-IR), which communication with the iNELS RFControl, your Audio Video devices, door videophone, cameras or weather station. The application control your...more >>


15.11.2016 | Our RELAY CRM-91H - 5x something more!

REASONS, WHY OUR RELAYS ARE AMONG WORLD‘S BEST-SELLING RELAYS Universal power supply 12-240 AC/DCTime range from 0,1 s till 10 days10 frequently-used functionsMade from high-quality parts and componentsContact current...more >>

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