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Easy way to control lighting with in-built dimmer RFDEL-71B

This unique product of ELKO EP was designed to control light intensity of all lighting sources such as classic bulbs, halogen, energy-saving and LED bulbs. Let us show you that everything can be dimmed – you may find some inspiration on this page.  Desired type of lighting source can be set-up via control button placed on the front part of the device. You can choose from 6 functions (our personal favourites are sunrise and sunset functions). 

Advanced variability is one of the main advantages over the competition. Unlike other devices you will be able to control RFDEL-71B not only through in-built button or also via iNELS RF system controllers – wireless key chain, RF Pilot or through app on your smart phone. 

Elimination of flickering is ensured by a potentiometer where you can adjust minimal brightness. You’ll find this useful mainly when utilizing popular LED light sources. Integrated protection against over-heating is a matter of course

RFDEL-71B wireless dimmer is ideal for use wherever there is a need to switch or dim lighting – for example your living room. Its compact size makes possible to hide it under the cover of chandeliers or soffits. With RFDEL-71B you’ll get an added value which lies in its compatibility with complex wireless system. This system can be widened, updated or tailored to your needs to control lighting, heating, audio-video and many other things from your smart phone or even smart TV.

Source Description

  • R-resistive - resistive bulb, halogen lamp
  • L-inductive - inductive coil transformer for low-voltage halogen lamps
  • C-capacitive - electronic transformer (capacitive load)  for low-voltage halogen lamps LED
  • LED - LED lamps and LED light sources, 230 V
  • ESL - dimmable energy-saving tubes

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