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Even small markets bring big opportunities to the Smart Home

The proof is in the Slovenian market, which in the area of smart electrical installation is no pioneer. However, there proved to be a significant score in the iNELS RF Control product series. Cooperation with the biggest Slovenian wholesaler of electronics "Elektronabava," began in late 2016, and in that it successfully demonstrated the value of goods sold, which exceeded 1 million korun.

We were pleasantly surprised by the interest in the iNELS RF Control system during the Home Fair, trade fair, which was held in early March in Ljubljana. By making this wireless system very simple, yet sophisticated and the fact that it can be purchased at a reasonable price it has gained many supporters.
No significant interference - without tearing open walls and simple project documentation virtually everyone can take home a piece of smart technology. Those interested in iNELS RF Control really appreciate the opportunity to purchase one or two components, and at a time that will suit them, or at any time expand the system gradually.

We look forward to the new challenges that await us in this territory and will do everything we can to be a responsible and consistent partner to our new customers.

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