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Everyone gets what is looking for

ELKO EP offers a wide range of electronic devices, which brings the possibility of the control, monitoring and security of the house, apartment, office or industrial processes control, from time relays via the installation contactors, stair machines, timers and etc...

We choose for you:

Single function time relay CRM-81J

  • suitable for applications where there is a clear request in advance function and time... (i.e., where it is not desirable to change time and time reconfigurable)
  • best price in modular design
  • single relay, which after the failure and restoration of power makes one cycle and brings certainty so that even after a power interruption will be made
  • 3 time functions 6 time ranges

More information here.

Asymetric cycler, output CRM-2H

  • useful where we need something repeatedly time-change and the opening and closing time is different (e.g. 10h off on 1h).
  • benefit for control of ventilation, irrigation, pumps, lighting, but also where you can change the ad every hour for 30 minutes…
  • adjustable time of up to 100 days
  • a wide range of power ranging from 12 - 230V AC / DC - you can connect almost anything

More information here.

Delay ON star/delta relay CRM-2T

  • when the engine is too large to run at the same time, help the acceleration the engine with the help of switching the timer CRM-2T, which ensures accurate timing 
  • involvement star / delta CRM-2T starting current is reduced
  • adjustable start-up time for star t1 up to 100 days
  • mechanical life 3x107 relay

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