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Hospital will save half of the lighting expenses

City hospital in Kroměříž (Czech Republic) has finished second phase of modernization of street lighting within their premises. 41 renovated street lamps will save more than 50% of energy expenses to the hospital management. Additionally the lamps will increase the light intensity by 65%.

 ELKO EP has been working closely with Kroměříž Hospital and partially funds Oncology and Pediatric departments. 

‘’The installation of lighting system was divided into two phases. During the first one, that had started year ago, we had tested  five LED lights. The installation proved to be not only economically beneficial, it also increased the comfort of patients while strolling around the hospital premises. That’s why we have agreed on additional installation of 36 more lights,’’ says the CEO of ELKO EP, Jiří Konečný. 

The old 70 W standard lights have been replaced by new 33 W LED technology. 5 biggest lamps were upgraded from 250 W old power source to 64 W new one. 

The ELKO EP company consider the installation as a helping hand towards the region it is based in. ‘’The more installations we complete outside of our homeland, where we implement lighting or complex smart home and building solutions into companies, family houses, hotel rooms, the more we feel obliged to the region that helped us grow. Support to the Kroměříž hospital is not a matter of money. We have already proven that by constant financial and material support offered to this facility,’’ sums up Mr. Konečný, whose holding currently counts 12 branches and exports into more than 70 countries around the world. 

Discover more about Lighting portfolio of ELKO EP here. Please, do not hesitate to contact us in case of any inquiries. 

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