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Keep the right level!

Level switch HRH-7

Thanks to the high degree of protection IP65 the level switch HRH-7 is suitable for use in harsh condition – wet and dusty environment.

Try its easy installation and operations when used in the wells, reservoirs, tanks, tankers etc.!

  • Due to the material of contact (alloy of silver and tin) it is possible to switch motor loads directly up to 3A (AC3), what eliminates the use of contactors and thus spending more money. You can control any pump without any problem. 
  • Measuring frequency 10 Hz prevents liquid polarization and increased oxidation of measuring probes what can lead to an inaccurate switching already after a short time.
  • To make the installation easier the switch level has the universal power supply (24-240 AC/DC).
  • Choice of function PUMP-UP or PUMP-DOWN.

Prove yourself! More information HERE!

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