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Level switch, your invaluable helper

The HRH-5 level switch is used to monitor fluid levels, for example in wells, tanks, tankers and other similar storage facilities. It is offered in two configurations, one-level and two-state level monitoring. This makes it possible to measure the lower or upper level of the level, both levels at the same time, their minimum and maximum levels.

Using the switch:

• If the minimum value is reached, after switching off  the action delay setting, the switch turns on the pump and keeps it in operation until the maximum level is reached. Conversely, in the case of maximum detection, it activates the drain function in the same way.

• The reaction delay function is adjustable within 0.5-10 seconds and serves to prevent undesired switching, for example, when the liquid level rises.

Technical parameters:

• Sensitivity to the conductivity of the liquid is in the range of 5-100 KΩ can be set to prevent contamination due to contamination of the probes.

• The 10 Hz measuring frequency and the use of alternating current do not give rise to polarization stress or oxidation of the probes.

• The galvanically isolated 24-240V AC / DC supply is quite sufficient to operate the switch, so there is no need to use an external power supply.

• Level switches are manufactured in a compact one-module design, with DIN rail mounting.

You can find more about the HRH-5 level switch here: HRH-5

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