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The timer with a wide range of uses

The timer is used to control different devices depending on real-time, so it can be used almost anywhere.
Switching can be set daily, weekly and annual mode and there is a holiday mode.

The clock can be used, for example, for the regular switching of lighting, lighting for billboards and other ads, switching backlights, display cases and windows, hall lighting or switching school bells or church bells. Beyond these uses it can be utilized for hours in home and garden incandescent lighting, watering your lawn or for ventilation. In short, one could say that it is suitable where it is necessary to switch on a time basis.

Added value is given by the random mode in case of holidays, a cyclic regimen of regular switching or pulse mode. Contact material AgSnO (16A) not only allows the switching of classic resistive loads (AC1) but also motors (AC3) and to 3A values without the use of contacts.

 Tips, on how to further utilize the timer:

  • In combination with dimmer DIM-2-1h and lamps they can simulate sunrise and sunset in real time (used mainly for breeders).
  • With the setting of the GPS coordinates timer (SHT-4) they fully replace twilight switches and eliminates the installation of light sensors.
  • Combined with a wireless switching component RFSA-61B or RFSA-61M they can conditionally respond to remote control key fob (barriers, gates ...) only at certain times.
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