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Twilight and light-intensity controller – 2 in 1

When the ambient light level decrease below the set up threshold, the device will turn the light automatically on. Whereas at dawn, it will turn the lights off. When there’s enough natural light in your house during the day, the shutters are dropped down. 

This is how new ELKO EP device SOU -3 works.  It features two sensors and devices in one pack! Twilight switch and lighting intensity sensor. Twilight and light-intensity controller SOU-3 contains built-in precise light sensor and IP 65 protection. That’s why it’s suited to be used outside. IP 65 box was designed for easier mounting on walls, additionally it has detachable screwless lid for simpler manipulation. You can choose between functions using a jumper. 

In twilight switch mode it turns on/off according to the set value of ambient light (e.g. 300 lx). Therefore it’s perfect for use outside, for example as a twilight switch on for street lights, billboard lighting or shop displays. 

In the light-intensity mode the previous function is turned around. Now the device turns on when the light goes above the set value. It may find its use as an automation unit for shutters, sunblind, photovoltaic devices. 

3 ranges of light intensity and 3 time-delay functions (0, 1 and 2 min) can be set. The possibility of time delay eliminates short changes in light intensity (e.g. lights of the car passing around your house). Direct control of lights (LED included) is made possible thanks to the inbuilt 12A/AC1 (AgSnO2) switching contacts.

Light intensity level settings: 

Twilight switch mode:    

  • Range 1: 1-10 lx 
  • Range 2: 10-100 lx 
  • Range 3: 100 – 1000 lx 

Light intensity mode:

  • Range 1: 100 - 1000 lx 
  • Range 2: 1000 – 10000 lx 
  • Range 3: 10 000 – 100 000 lx
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