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Unusual way to control bulbs with DIM-2

Get more than you can imagine from the regular light!

Light switching off right after the timer runs out – this often happens with regular staircase switches. This, naturally, happens most when you’re in mezzanine or 10-steps away from the switch…we have a solution. Automated staircase switch/dimmer – DIM-2. This device will find its use in apartment buildings and houses alike.

  • Designed for dimming regular bulbs and halogen lights 
  • DIM-2 will dim-up the light – count down set up time – dim-down the light
  • Standard connection same as regular staircase switches
  • 4 potentiometers (dim-up time, turn-on time, max. brightness, dim-down time) 

Real life example:
Entering the house -> lights turn on for 3 minutes -> timer runs out – dimming down (40 sec. interval). The time for which the light is dimming down (40 seconds) gives you enough space to push the switch back on and repeat whole cycle. Combination with regular wall switch or complete automation with motion detector are both possible.

For more information about DIM-2, technical specification included – click here.

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