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Watches that can open the garages and switch off the lights

iiNELS can control the whole lighting and irrigation at the household or company from anywhere that is the internet connection. You can easily control by the mobile phone, tablet and a recently via watch - Smartwatch.

The first Czech application with the operation system TIZEN is called iNELS HOME CONTROL. The mentioned application connect SAMSUNG smartwatch (Gear S2) and SmartHome and every customer has it installed from the Samsung app directly in the smart watch. Who´s own the smart watch can through the smart box RF control the lights at home, switch the appliances or open the garage door.

Boris Kamenický, the business development manager of company ELKO EP in Holešov, describes controlling „the house in watch”: „A news is specified for those who don´t want to hold their mobile phone in hands. You will see the advantages during sport or driving and etc. You can going through the house by only turning one small wheel and after that by one click to display you will confirm the choice. You will be delighted either for the opportunity to change the intensity of lights and it’s only by small wheel. In the center of the watch is the value of the actual light intensity and also there is the option to choose color of the lights through the value of color R, G and B."

The video for the views here.

Complete information about the application, please click here.

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