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20.02.2017 | Thank you for visiting the Middle East Electricity exhibition

From the 14th to 16th February we participated in the world's leading exhibition focusing on the production of energy, lighting, renewable and nuclear energy. The Dubai World Trade Centre was our base for the presentation of our...more >>


15.02.2017 | iNELS contributed to the construction of the highest wooden building in the Cech republic.

WOODEN CONSTRUCTIONS 2017 Prague (DŘEVOSTAVBY 2017 Paha) We would like to thank everyone who visited our unique four-floor wooden building. On each floor the visitor could find completely equipped living zone: relaxation zone,...more >>


15.02.2017 | Kempinski Hotel Grand Asia

With our unique hotel's solutions we have the honour of controlling the lighting at this luxurious hotel in Kazakhstan. With the convenience of lighting regulation from one location they cannot only fully enjoy the lighting in...more >>


13.02.2017 | Thank you for visiting our exhibition stand on ISE 2017 EXHIBITION

Dear visitors, we would like to thank you for visiting our exhibition stand on ISE 2017 EXHIBITIONin Amsterdam. We presented here Smart Home & Building Solution: iNELS RF – wireless systemiNELS BUS – wired...more >>


09.02.2017 | The Range of TER-3 thermostats allows you to use them under any conditions

TER-3A - Thawing gutters, driveways, keeping the temperature in cooling systems (freezer)TER-3B  - monitoring the critical temperature of the room (kitchen, bathroom, kennel, greenhouse, ...) and the subsequent switching of...more >>


10.01.2017 | Dimmers for all LED light sources

Why is it hard to say how many LED light sources can be connected to the dimmer? Did you know that even though the manufacturers’ dimmer parameters indicate the load, you have not yet won? Why? Each dimmer has overload...more >>


15.12.2016 | Time Relays - Remote Control

Switching element with 1 output channel is used to control appliances, sockets, lights… After sending the command (from the controller) the relays starts counting: Delayed OFF function - after sending the command  the...more >>

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