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17.07.2016 | Twilight and light-intensity controller – 2 in 1

When the ambient light level decrease below the set up threshold, the device will turn the light automatically on. Whereas at dawn, it will turn the lights off. When there’s enough natural light in your house during the day, the...more >>


11.07.2016 | Unusual way to control bulbs with DIM-2

Light switching off right after the timer runs out – this often happens with regular staircase switches. This, naturally, happens most when you’re in mezzanine or 10-steps away from the switch…we have a solution. Automated...more >>


04.07.2016 | Yet another success of ELKO EP in the East

More seminars were held along with our partners at the beginning of this month. We can now say that the attendance has been very high and overall excitement of the partner companies too. In Mumbai, for example, we had welcomed...more >>


24.06.2016 | Keep the right level!

Thanks to the high degree of protection IP65 the level switch HRH-7 is suitable for use in harsh condition – wet and dusty environment. Try its easy installation and operations when used in the wells, reservoirs, tanks, tankers...more >>


18.06.2016 | Watches that can open the garages and switch off the lights

iNELS can control the whole lighting and irrigation at the household or company from anywhere that is the internet connection. You can easily control by the mobile phone, tablet and a recently via watch - Smartwatch. The first...more >>

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