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06.05.2016 | Smart Factory 4.0 ELKO EP at the conference Partnerství

Education agency Kroměříž  together with the project partners IQ Auto, IQ Industry and with the strong support of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Labour and Social...more >>


05.05.2016 | Visit and technical training for export partners in Holešov

In order to support our export partners, we organized a three-day intensive technical training, finishing up just today. The training met with an extraordinary interest and 20 partners from Hong Kong, India, Finland, Romania,...more >>


02.05.2016 | iNELS seminar has been deemed a great success!

In the period of 19th till 20th of April there was the 2-days training in Casablanca, Morocco for potential partners, which was focused on iNELS Smart Home & Building Solutions. We were pleasantly surprised how many partners...more >>


29.04.2016 | ELKO EP at the exhibition in Belgrade!

In the period of 19th – 23rd April 2016 there was the international exhibition SEEBE (South-East Europe Belgrade Expo) in Belgrade. Over 500 exhibitors from 24 countries presented their solutions and products in more than 6 halls...more >>


28.04.2016 | Premiere in Iran was successful!

In days 24 - 27. 4. 2016 we participated in the International Trade Exhibition IRAN PROJECT. The exhibition took place at Tehran Permanent Fairground. The goal was to connect the international expertise to the Iranian market, and...more >>


25.04.2016 | FCC certification for iNELS RF Control

With pleasure to inform you that we have obtained the FCC certificate! FCC certification is a condition of the sale of the wireless system iNELS RF Control for US. This is a strict certification, which confirms that the...more >>


19.04.2016 | New lighting controller LIC-2

When sunlight intensity increases, the controller automatically lowers the brightness of fluorescent lamps. Once it starts to get dark, fluorescent brightness is automatically increased to the desired level. This way can be...more >>

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