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14.04.2016 | ELKO EP is a member of the Thread Group

Internet of Things (IoT) or Internet of things is slowly but surely entering the world of electrical engineering and automation. Since 2014 in the form of a global group Thread. Thread nonprofit group is designed with one goal:...more >>


11.04.2016 | April in sign of exhibitions - Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria

Since the beginning of the year, the company ELKO EP has participated in five exhibitions all over the world. Month of April will make it even doubled ... And we are still far from the end. From 5 to 7 April 2016, we exhibited...more >>


11.04.2016 | We have everything for everyone

ELKO EP offers a wide range of electronic devices, which brings the possibility of the control, monitoring and security of the house, apartment, office or industrial processes control, from time relays via the installation...more >>


08.04.2016 | Try it without wires…and keep your house under control

You can wirelessly control the household also at the moment when you are happily living. Wireless solution iNELS RF Control brings a solution of electroinstallation. Installation can be carried easily without breaking or...more >>


06.04.2016 | Control comfortably from one place

Glass wall touch controller GSB3-80 with eight capacitive buttons for controlling technologies. These technologies are controlled by system Inels. It is another version of glass wall touch controller next to available...more >>


23.03.2016 | ELKO EP at Light + Building!

June 13 - 18.3. 2016 we exhibited at the largest world exhibition of smart automation and lighting at Light + Building fair in Frankfurt. Fair again confirmed its position as the world's leading trade fair. The exhibition was...more >>

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